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Pope Francis on “progressives”

This morning Pope Francis didn’t exactly sound like a reader of the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap).
Or… on second thought… mayhaps he did read it!
God save us from the “hegemonic uniformity ” of the “one line of thought”, “fruit of … Continue reading

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On the road

Today began with a long drive and big breakfast. I rather like road trips.

I am in my native place and have met a friend who is on the Minneapolis PD. We have begun to kill some paper.

NB: muzzle flash!
I tried … Continue reading

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Life takes a bad turn

I sometimes put on my Cassandra cap and want people that things can happen in the wink of an eye. “Be prepared!”, I cry.
Washington, IL.

Tornados happen.
Whole neighborhoods are gone.
So… again… prayers for all the people affected by the horrible storms … Continue reading

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