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The “knockout game” and YOU!

Did you hear about the case in Lansing, MI? A teen, who admitted he had done the “knockout game” think several other times, wound up getting shot twice by a man who defended himself with his legally concealed carry weapon. … Continue reading

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Wm. Oddie and Reading Francis Through Benedict

Over at the Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic weekly, William Oddie has a piece in which he opines on the HUGE letter of support that Pope Francis send to Archbishop Marchetto. You will recall that Archbp. Marchetto has been … Continue reading

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POLLS: The “AFFORDABLE” Care Act and You!

Here are a couple of POLLS for you readers in these USA. And as you choose your answer, I want you all to remember the Nuns on the Bus, the CHA and Sr. Keehan, and the USCCB, all of whom … Continue reading

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NYC mayor-elect v. Catholics

From the Catholic League: De Blasio Shuts Out Priests November 21, 2013 Bill Donohue comments on New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s transition committee: Yesterday, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio announced the appointment of 60 New York leaders to his … Continue reading

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Of catacomb paintings, wymynprysts, and rocks on Mars

My email box is under siege by people who want me to comment on the recently restored ancient Roman fresco that feminists and members of COW… no… the Women’s Ordination Conference… that’s WOC… claim as evidence for the ordination of … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: 1st Traditional Latin Mass experience – “The highly pastoral nature of the Extraordinary Form.”

From a reader: Over the past 10 years have assisted at a few dozen EF masses. I usually go alone and sometimes with my very Catholic friends, but this weekend I took a group of high school students and their … Continue reading

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