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1-day deal to get a Kindle 20% off

I just saw, a bit late – alas – that there is a great one-day deal on Amazon for getting a Kindle. $55.20.  [Okay, that sale is over now, but it is still only $69.] I really like my Kindle! … Continue reading

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An observation for Mr. Novak on Pope Francis and “trickle-down” in EG 54

I note that Michael Novak has tackled the issue of the Pope’s comment on economics in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium.  He had an interview with National Review. Alas, I think Mr. Novak got a couple things wrong. In a … Continue reading

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Effects of the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act

There has been some heated discussion about how the USCCB did or could have been more or less supportive of Obamacare… which we should really all be calling the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act, perhaps with a quizzical twist of “uptalk”. Over … Continue reading

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BLECH! *splik* BLECH! GAK!

I read this at the BBC and it disgusts me.  I believe it. Men!  Talk like men! More men speaking in girls’ ‘dialect’, study shows More young men in California rise in pitch at the end of their sentences when … Continue reading

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