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Buy Soap from Dominicans… NOW. No. Really! TODAY!

I am informed that the “Soap Sisters”, the Dominicans in New Jersey who make the wonderful soaps, will shut down their store after 16 December. If you want to order, order NOW. Buy soap.  Help nuns. Click NOW. Help Dominicans. … Continue reading

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Kindle book by Pope Francis FREE today, Sunday [UPDATE: Still not too bad.]

At Amazon today, and today only, Sunday, a book by Pope Francis is being offered for free on KINDLE.  Open Mind, Faithful Heart. Regularly… well… not free. [It is now $9.99] Don’t have a Kindle yet?  Get a Paperwhite HERE.  One … Continue reading

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Peter O’Toole: R.I.P. Fr. Z POLL

Actor Peter O’Toole has died at the age of 81.  He will forever be connected to one of the greatest films of its era (or any era), Lawrence of Arabia.  I suspect some of you young’uns haven’t seen it. I … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ new interview: damage control on “trickle down” economics?

Interviews.  Interviews. Interviews. Pope Francis gave an interview to La Stampa. In the newest interview, the Holy Father is asked about reactions to his odd economic observations in Evangelii gaudium. My translation: Some passages in Evangelii gaudium attracted accusations from … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point – or two – that you heard in sermon for your Sunday Mass of precept? Let us know.

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WDTPRS POLL: Did you see Rose vestments on “Gaudete” Sunday?

Here is a little poll for your 3rd Sunday of Advent. Please choose an answer and add a comment in the combox.

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