ADVENTCAzT 15: 3rd Sunday of Advent – True love calls sin “sin”.

This year I once again offer a short daily podcast to help you prepare for the upcoming feast as well as for your own, personal, meeting with the Lord.

These are especially offered as a token of gratitude for my benefactors who donate and send items from my wishlist.  Thank you!

And so, here is ADVENTCAzT 15, for the 3rd Sunday of Advent.  Have some Mystic Monk Coffee and have a listen!

PS: My stat counter for this plugin has been screwed up.  Chime in if you listened.

PPS: These podcasts are also available through my iTunes feed. Let me know how you are listening.  Through the plug in on this post? Through iTunes? Downloading?

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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13 Responses to ADVENTCAzT 15: 3rd Sunday of Advent – True love calls sin “sin”.

  1. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Father! Listening on the blog.

  2. Angie Mcs says:

    Listened on my IPad off the blog, as usual, getting in my last sip of coffee, three hours before mass begins, although I was “a little behind my time”. The music was so joyful, reflecting the day.

  3. wanda says:

    Thanks, Fr. Z. Blessed Gaudete Sunday to you and to all who enter here!

  4. Mary G says:

    Yes, beautiful rose coloured vestments – in Australia.

  5. CatherineTherese says:

    Thank you, Fr. Z, and a blessed Gaudete Sunday to you! I listened via the blog, directly, but I also try to download your podcasts to iTunes so I have them there for a rainy day.
    Blessed to assist Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Upstate NY ~ rose colored vestments and our intrepid priest made it in from the hill towns despite the substantial overnight snowfall and bad roads. Deo gratias!
    Thank you for the beautiful reflection on Truth, sin, and healing from our beloved Benedict. It is a particularly timely message for me.

  6. Lin says:

    Thank you Father Z! I miss Pope Benedict. You are in my prayers!

  7. DavidR says:

    Listened from the blog plug-in. Thanks.

  8. guans says:

    Thanks Father,
    Also makes me recall a gem Fr Corapi once taught:
    We tolerate the good, we do not tolerate evil.

  9. yatzer says:

    I’ve listened to them all, but usually forget to say so. I use the pointy arrow thing on the blog.

  10. JoseTomas says:

    Off topic, but Great News!

    Not yet published on the web, but Father may be a subscriber to the Moynihan Letters, which #102 – just arrived at my inbox – states (except):

    Sunday, December 15, 2013 — Out of the Curia into the Confessional

    Pope Francis Makes Confession a Priority

    Pope Francis has take another dramatic decision.

    Francis has personally directed his closest collaborators, the cardinals and archbishops of the Roman Curia, to take turns hearing daily confession in the Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia, an ordinary Roman church outside of the Vatican. (It is just down the street from the Vatican, at via dei Penitenzieri #12, next to the Santo Spirito hospital and across the street from the Curia Generalizia of the Jesuit Order.)

    And it is even possible that the Pope himself, at a time of his choosing, will go to this church, in coming weeks, at 3 p.m., to hear confessions. (Pope Francis made a brief, unannounced stop at this church in April, as I reported at the time. Link)

    Father, consult your sources and tell us more about this!

    And go to confession!

  11. JoseTomas says:

    I’ll forward to you the whole email message if you make your email address available. Could not find a link.

  12. Imrahil says:

    Dear @guans, in this the reverend Father seems to have mixed up his terms.

    We either tolerate or not tolerate evil, depending on a couple of circumstances.
    (We never go so far as to say it was not evil – which is not tolerance at all.)

    As for the good, it would be an insult to it to merely tolerate it.

  13. SKAY says:

    Thank you, Father. I listen on the blog.