ADVENTCAzT 22: 4th Sunday of Advent – Should not His arrival be more majestic?

This year I once again offer a short daily podcast to help you prepare for the upcoming feast as well as for your own, personal, meeting with the Lord.

These are especially offered as a token of gratitude for my benefactors who donate and send items from my wishlist.  Thank you!

And so, here is ADVENTCAzT 22, for the 4th Sunday of Advent.  Have some Mystic Monk Coffee and have a listen!

PS: My stat counter for this plugin has been screwed up.  Chime in if you listened.

PPS: These podcasts are also available through my iTunes feed. Let me know how you are listening.  Through the plug in on this post? Through iTunes? Downloading?

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10 Responses to ADVENTCAzT 22: 4th Sunday of Advent – Should not His arrival be more majestic?

  1. gracie says:

    Could it be that the planned obscurity of Christ’s birth was God’s way of protecting the Child from early destruction? ‘Revelation’ says that Satan knew who Jesus was and planned to destroy Him at the moment of His birth, presumably through his human agents. When you read that you feel there can’t possibly be any escape for Jesus and yet the Baby is “caught up to God and to His throne and the woman fled into the wilderness” with her Son. It seems to have been accomplished because Herod didn’t know exactly where to find the Child – in other words, His insignificance gave the Holy Family the time needed to escape to Egypt and to remain there until Herod had died. Our Lord’s continuing “insignificance” allowed Him to have a natural life as a human being until He publicly revealed who He was which, of course, put Him back in Satan’s crosshairs (as He knew it would).

  2. lsclerkin says:

    I’ve listened to all but the first one. Listended from you blog postings. Just emailed you O Antiphonan page with all of then off it a Jesuit seminarian friend of mine.
    Good morning Father, and all.

  3. GFB says:

    ‘Humility, hiddenness and silence’ … what a sweet sound in these words and what a contrast with the arrogance, pretentiousness and noise of the present time!

  4. frahobbit says:

    Thank you for these reflections. I listen through the podcast here, since I don’t own any other kind of technology for listening or reading. I pray for you at the recitation of the office at home. God bless you and your ministry!

  5. LadyMarchmain says:

    The sign of insignificance!

    Thank you, Father. It is a blessing to here these, “for faith cometh by hearing”.

  6. LadyMarchmain says:


  7. Uxixu says:

    Thanks again. Listened through mobile browser plugin.

  8. DavidR says:

    It is with great regret that I must inform you that apparently, Firefox 26.0 does not like you; I am unable to get past ~1.5″ on the file. Win7 home edition, tried both links from your post.

  9. Emilio III says:

    Both iTunes and iOS’ handling of podcasts is becoming more useless every “update”, but I still depend on my iPod for most podcasts. This is exacerbated by having two different “Fr. Z’s Blog”. The newer one has ADVENCAzT 1,2, 14,15,20,21,22. The older one has 1,2,5-22. 3 and 4 are not available on iTunes. Previous versions allowed downloaded podcasts to be inserted in playlists, since everything was treated as a “song”. The newer “smarter” apps, apparently intended for incredibly stupid people don’t allow that.

    Despite my increasing dislike of Apple, I am grateful for it making available at least a selection of your podcasts.

  10. dowirz says:

    Listened in on my iPad 1. A treat, as always!