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Child violators get a pass from liberals when they are “gay” right activists

From NewsBusters:
Pedophiles Are Not National News — When They’re Gay Rights Pioneers
The PJ Tatler recently reported on the case of Larry Brinkin, for many years an “icon” on the Human Rights Commission in San Francisco: “A former high-ranking San Francisco … Continue reading

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Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood

From American Life League:
The leadership of Girl Scouts of America, once a trusted purveyor of American values, has been moving to the left for over a decade. However, GSUSA’s local and national … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: What to do with broken, worn out blessed objects?

From a reader…
My family has accumulated over many years lots of religious items, many of them now broken i.e. rosary’s, statues, loose medals.
We’ve never really thrown them out because we’ve been unsure as to whether you can throw out religious … Continue reading

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Follow the dots… if you can

Let me get this straight.
The news outlet of three African nations which form a single conference, Southern Cross, publishes an editorial against the “anti-gay” legislation underway in some African countries, which the Nigerian bishops back.
Then Fides, a news agency associated with … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: More people go to Father than to the EMHCs

From a reader…
Father usually has 10-15 people waiting in his line for Holy Communion while there is no one left for the two EMHCs to do but stand and wait.
The priest then waves away (nicely) those waiting to receive from his hands, indicating … Continue reading

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Papal spokesman reacts to Rolling Stone article

More on Rolling Stone from Edward Pentin:
Vatican Spokesman Censures ‘Rolling Stone’ Article on Pope
Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi has strongly criticised an article on Pope Francis that appears in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine.
Although he acknowledged that the … Continue reading

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Pope Francis receives Univ. of Notre Shame officials in audience

A delegation from Notre Dame Shame University had an audience with Pope Francis.
Yes, yes.  Not everything at Notre Dame is evil.  However, we do associate the school with leading the way in the destruction of Catholic education in these USA, … Continue reading

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Papa was a Rolling Stone! Oooo yah!

I’m just sayin… for you young’uns…
And for all you cats and kitties out there, just because I really like The Temptations… it doesn’t get much better than…
Feeling young again on the blogosphere.

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Card. Zen on Pope Francis and China

From Vatican Insider:

Cardinal Zen says destruction of the Catholic Church continues in China
Despite the hopes raised by Pope Francis’ election, Sino-Vatican relations are still at a standstill. China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, has not kept his promises and the Chinese … Continue reading

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What the cover of Rolling Stone reveals

Yes, yes… we know that Rolling Stone, which recently featured on its cover the photo of the Boston Marathon terrorist, has now jumped onto the Pope Francis bandwagon.
The real take away from this is that, while Rolling Stone and other … Continue reading

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