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So say we all!

I saw at SCMP something that made me chuckle. It’s Battlestar China! Media passes off sci-fi pictures as aircraft carrier of the future Japanese-language version of a state media site used images from Battlestar Galactica. When a Chinese news portal … Continue reading

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Spirit and Oppy on Mars

I saw a great tweet with the hashtag #10YrsOnMars and a very cool picture from a collection of images from the surface of Mars!   They were taken by the intrepid Mars rovers.  HERE Here’s one. Poor little Spirit.  RIP.

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Trappists in USA start making beer!

The Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy make excellent beer.  Would that we could get it here! Now it seems that some Trappists in these USA are trying their hand at the production of this material proof of God’s love. From … Continue reading

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Fr. Murray on FNC on Pres. Obama’s “Absurd” War on Women and on the Church

My friend Fr. Gerry Murray of the Archdiocese of New York was recently on FNC.  He spoke about Pres. Obama’s HHS Mandate.  He did a great job explaining some key points and had a few good one liners. You might … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Secret marriage to avoid … government.

From a reader: My __ year old father and his woman friend would like to get married but not go through the government with a marriage lisence. Are there any patriotic priests who would help them? I found protestant pastors but as … Continue reading

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