Wherein a satanic performance at the Grammys reminds me of something.

I heard about a horrid, satanic performance at the Grammy Awards.  Apparently…

Katy Perry, who was surrounded by demons as she danced around an upside down broomstick before being encircled by fire during a performance of her song “Dark Horse”. Perry wore clothing bearing an illuminated Knights Templar cross.

As I read this disgusting account, my memory made a strong connection to a scene in the most recent book by Michael O’Brien: A Voyage To Alpha Centuari

As I have written before, I suspect that O’Brien is a bit of a mystic.  His books have been useful to me in deciphering the signs of the times.

The downfall of Numenor also comes to mind.

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28 Responses to Wherein a satanic performance at the Grammys reminds me of something.

  1. frjim4321 says:

    That’s pretty scary.

    I just got an email from a bishop friend telling me that the pope is going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone.

  2. Giuseppe says:

    At the Grammys, there was a huge wedding ceremony, celebrated by Queen Latifah, during the song “Same Love”* by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (feat. Mary Lambert), which also featured a surprise appearance by Madonna** singing “Open Your Heart”. 30+ couples (M-F, M-M, F-F) legally married in the aisles at the show.

    * Others have written about this extensively elsewhere, but the song “Same Love” is worth watching on You Tube, if only to understand how a majority of the younger generation understands same-sex marriage.
    **Yes, Madonna. No, not THE Madonna.

  3. Supertradmum says:

    The Church in the pews must become a sign of contradiction and stop compromising. We are losing youth daily to the jaws of hell and few seem to care. Parents who let their kids watch this are letting satan fill their imaginations and souls with evil.

    I cannot stress enough the horror effects of tv and music on kids. The trouble is that parents do not believe children and teens can go to hell. They can and do. Padre Pio would not hear the confession of a woman who was responsible for her son being in hell until she repented.

    Here is the great Fulton J. Sheen:

    … “if there is any subject which is offensive to modern sentimentalists it is the subject of hell. Our generation clamors for what the poet has called a ‘soft dean, who never mentions hell to ears polite’, and our unsouled age wants a Christianity watered so as to make the Gospel of Christ nothing more than a gentle doctrine of good will, a social program of economic betterment, and a mild scheme of progressive idealism.”

    And, Pope Pius XII in 1954 said this: “How many little ones today are in danger of being poisoned by the serpent of Hell? Who would be able, then, to recognize them? For these, Holy Church would weep, and it would not be easy in this case to comfort the sorrowing mother and dry her anguished tears. This venomous serpent encircles the world, disguised in many ways, and now he seems to be trying to attack children in particular, to snatch them from Jesus and estrange them from the priesthood and the Church. Today there is cause for great fear that children will be struck, wounded and their souls killed.”

    “Watch out, dear children, While you walk in the streets or play the games of childhood; when you watch shows that progress has brought even into your own homes, watch out! Often the serpent may be hidden there to strike you, to snatch you from Jesus. At the first sign of danger, cry out, run to your mother right away, and above all, to your heavenly Mother, to Mary, who has at her command the power of God and is always near you. Call on your Guardian Angel to enlighten and sustain you.”

    Most Catholics are blind to the real evils of allowing their kids to indulge in the culture.

  4. AVL says:

    I saw a clip of it, and it was distinctly demonic including a black horse with red glowing eyes and flames surrounding the singer. God help her. God save us.

  5. Makemeaspark says:

    St. Michael, the archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil, may God rebuke him we humbly pray. And do thou O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell, Satan and all evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

  6. defenderofTruth says:

    Meanwhile, the Blaze is reporting a supposed demonic possession in Gary, Indiana, which incidents being witnessed by a child services worker and a nurse. According to the local paper, its so bad the police won’t even go near the house.

    According to the newspaper, an exorcism has been initiated.

    Ms. Perry is in over her head.

  7. OrthodoxChick says:

    I didn’t watch the grammys but I’ve seen clips of the gay ceremony and the Katie Perry “performance” (as I hesitate to call what she did performance art). Just the bits that I saw were horrifying in a decidely demonic way. God help us all.

  8. BeckyCA says:

    One of the most disturbing aspects of this is that Katy Perry was raised in a devoutly Christian home — both of her parents are fundamentalist Protestant pastors/evangelists, She even got her start in music as a contemporary Christian singer! It is so sad the degree to which she has sold out her soul.

  9. Johnno says:

    The use of the demonic is not anything new. Expect to see it increasing.


    Canaan, Sodom & Gomorrah are here.

  10. Magpie says:

    Awful stuff. Not subtle at all. The message is clear: follow Perry et al, go to hell. Scary stuff. Lord Jesus have mercy on us all.

  11. RJHighland says:

    Sodom and Gomorah would have been proud of the Grammy performance, God, not so much. Katie’s pentecostal pastor of a father must also be very proud of the daughter he raised. Satan is getting very bold.

    I read up on that case in Gary man that is intense demonic activity. Nothing like the St. Benedict cross and Latin prayer to eradicate demons. Demons don’t like traditionalists. The priest should have never played around with the new rite exorcisim stuff, always go old school from the beginning til they be gone. Exorcisim a great means of evangilization. Who do you call? Don’t call Ghost busters or new agers, get a ordained Catholic Priest trained to deal with this stuff. I loved the fact the the child protection agency called the priest after the kid walked backwards up a wall on to the ceiling. They didn’t have that situation covered in their manual!! I was kind of surprised by the priest’s response at the end of the article where he said he hadn’t heard back from the woman so he presumed everything was all right. Don’t you think there should be a follow up session just to make sure?

  12. yatzer says:

    I wonder, how the young can effectively be kept from this stuff? They can’t be kept away from all other human contact, not realistically anyway. There are always other kids wanting to “show” them…whatever, even if Dad and Grandma do their best to keep them away from…whatever.

  13. RJHighland says:

    The best defense is a good offense. Teach the kids the faith, that this stuff is real and very dangerous. There is an incredible battle going on every moment of every day, most people just don’t see it. The moment that you do see it, realize what it is then the battle begins. I have a saying, if you don’t see or experience the devil assaulting you, he already has you.

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  15. nykash says:

    I didn’t see the Katy Perry bit (thankfully from the sounds of it), but I caught the abomination that was the ‘marriage’ ceremony.

    RJHighland, you’re absolutely correct… progressives will continue their assault on tradition and natural law until we descend into chaos. It’s time for a counter offensive.

  16. The Masked Chicken says:

    “Awful stuff. Not subtle at all. The message is clear: follow Perry et al, go to hell. Scary stuff. Lord Jesus have mercy on us all.”

    While it is depressing to realize what Mrs. Perry has done, it makes one wonder if there might not be a call to arms involved? My first thought was, “where are the thousands (millions) praying for this woman, as there should be, who love her so much that they will not give up praying, fasting, and doing penance for her until she converts?” I mean, of course, love her as a poor soul. For each of the people buying her records, there should be at least two people praying for her. If only we had such dedicated groups who would take on the burden of prayer for these people – not in general, but for a specific person. Not many of us will be well-known and that is good – one’s good deeds should be done in secret, but if only we had a secret army of millions (billions) really dedicated to praying for others. We all pray our scattered prayers and for many things that is enough, but to the extent that one person will be able to badly influence another, each of those people who stand on the brink of being misled deserves to have one hidden soul praying for them. We can do so much with a united voice. I have rarely seen such in Catholic history and for all of our problems, today, a united army of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, is God’s secret weapon. I hope some spiritual general emerges to sound the call to arms.

    The Chicken

  17. The Bear says:

    The Masked Chicken: You could be that general!

    But actually, I just got the idea of something similar to that Adopt-A-Cardinal website from the last conclave, except with people applying being given a randomly chosen person among those you mention. But there are so many…

    Still, just wanted to post the idea, in case someone got inspired.

  18. basis says:

    I saw the Katy Perry performance and I honestly don’t see the issue that some of you have perceived. I am conservative, a Catholic, and aware that dark forces are at work in the world. There is the concept of fairy tale telling. I am not arguing it was a good example of storytelling. Perry’s performance is obviously just a mismash of Grimm’s-style themes. The “demons”, that were referred to are in fact an homage to the “Knights Who Say Ni!”. Shes obviously being burned as a witch at the end, which doesn’t seem to contradict the justice of many fairy tales. I understand the prudence that some have expressed, however.

  19. jameeka says:

    Masked Chicken, I second The Bear’s motion.

  20. OrthodoxChick says:


    Katie Perry’s display was waaaay more than a fairy tale. Check this out.


  21. OrthodoxChick says:

    I should post a caveat to the video link.

    While I did not link to Ms. Perry’s full “performance”, I did link to a commentary about both Ms. Perry’s and Beyonce’s performances at the grammys. So…just a caution not to watch this 1.) when kids are around you, and 2.) if you are prone to impure thoughts because Beyonce was dressed in what was barely enough to be described as stripper lingerie. A clip of her performance is shown in the video link. Also, there is some mild use of coarse language, but it pails in comparison to what was broadcast on the grammys live on t.v.’s across America.

    For any who prefer not to view the link, here’s the main point that the narrarator of it makes. There was a lot of talk on twitter following Katie Perry’s performance. Many people were flat-out asking if she had just performed a satanic ritual. Even the celeb gossip outfit E! asked this question flat-out. One man commented on twitter that Ms. Perry did, in fact, imitate a witchcraft ritual on stage that had been outlawed in the middle ages. The ritual is called “Aquelarre” and appears to have been of Basque origin. The point of the ritual is to mimic the Sabbath by gathering together a “congregation” of satan-worshipping witches who then make offerings and human sacrifices to summon satan.

    Very frightening stuff. And definitely no mere fairy tale.

  22. Dr. Eric says:

    “Perry has left behind her born-again past and finds spirituality through the writing of Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now influenced the song ‘This Moment’); practicing Transcendental Meditation (‘the best thing I got out of my previous relationship, because it was introduced to me via my ex-husband’); and therapy. ‘I don’t believe in a heaven or a hell or an old man sitting on a throne. I believe in a higher power bigger than me because that keeps me accountable. Accountability is rare to find, especially with people like myself, because nobody wants to tell you something you don’t want to hear. I actually don’t trust people who start to turn on me because they get scared of telling me the truth. I’m not Buddhist, I’m not Hindu, I’m not Christian, but I still feel like I have a deep connection with God. I pray all the time—for self-control, for humility. There’s a lot of gratitude in it. Just saying ‘thank you’ sometimes is better than asking for things.'”


    She’s an apostate and she needs our prayers.

  23. rappingdaddy says:

    Seems giving shock value is the name of the game, however weird, bizarre or evil it comes out (Miley Cyrus, you listening?)

  24. PA mom says:

    Chicken, you make a great point about the random prayer vs concentrated prayer.

    Perry is making the exact same mental errors that MANY of our youth are making. We quite seriously need to come up with the way to reach them and convince them to turn back.

    I have prayed for her today.

  25. Imrahil says:

    Hm… Downfall of Numenor brings some interesting connections.

    Who then – no rhethorical questions – would be:

    *Tar-Palantír – the repentant King who starts again to speak Latin – did I say Latin? Quenya of course, I meant Quenya!
    *Tar-Miriel – the rightful Ruling Queen taken forcibly into marriage and at least effectively dethroned by her husband
    *Ar-Pharazôn – a mighty king and proud personality* – initially not in the negative meaning, but later certainly so – who falls and becomes a ruthless tyrant
    * Morgoth – the openly evil one presented as a, man-eating, idol to the Numenorians
    * Sauron – the Dark Lord who is humiliated and overthrown, then seduces and becomes high-priest to Morgoth, and loses his body in the Downfall
    * Amandil – who prays for release
    * Elendil – the Leader of the Faithful into exile
    * the Elves – conversation with whom pretty much amounts to be Faithful
    * the Eagle-shaped clouds – sent as a warning by the angels
    * Arnor – the more noble of the two Kingdoms in exile, later scattered but always upheld in less open ways
    ** Arthedain – the first, still visible remnant
    ** Cardolan – which breaks away but remains a brother
    ** Rhudaur – the same first, but later falls
    ** the Rangers under their chieftains – after Arnor is almost completely disorganized
    * Gondor – the other of the Kingdoms, which rises and resembles the splendour of Numenor


    [* I do not intend this comment of criticism of the idea; certainly not! but I think it is anyways here where the comparison fails. The modern world – whatever the good things about it – does not seem to have an Ar-Pharazôn – one so mighty, noble and acknowledged as Ar-Pharazôn was in the beginning, able to make desert Sauron’s armies by his own armies’ sheer splendour and humiliate him.]

  26. Imrahil says:

    initially not only in the negative meaning. Ar-Pharazôn was certainly also proud in the sinful way from the beginning of what we hear from him – but not only, and later more so.

  27. Kathleen10 says:

    @Maskedchicken, great thought but I suggest we pray for countries as opposed to individuals. We need help on a national scale, even international.
    I didn’t see the show, but all these “entertainers” are blatantly going for shock value. It doesn’t work on geezers (myself) but it sure enough works on the young and gullible. Miley Cyrus said it plainly after her twerk-fest that the reason to do it was to top what was done at an awards last year. It’s going to get worse and worse until human sacrifice and what all else is going on on the stage. My heart breaks for children with goofy parents who do not filter this horror.

  28. incredulous says:

    Anybody care for some Underwood Deviled Ham? http://www.underwoodspreads.com/

    Or how about a Dust Devil vacuum? http://dirtdevil.com/

    Our culture has been worshiping the devil for decades.