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ASK FATHER: Valid absolution from Orthodox priest, but not from SSPX priest?

From a reader… Quaeritur: Why is absolution from an Orthodox priest valid but absolution from an SSPX priest invalid? I was told by someone that this is one argument from the SSPX as to why their Confessions are valid. This … Continue reading

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Stay frosty, my readers. Things are getting weird out there.

As my eyes scan around and watch the signs of the times, these two items seem to me eerily related. First, from Breitbart: SUPER BOWL 2014: RIOT POLICE RESTORE ORDER IN SEATTLE AFTER SEAHAWKS WIN After the Seattle Seahawks won … Continue reading

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Ghent Altarpiece in 100 Billion Pixels

Here is something for your Just Too Cool file. They Getty Foundation collaborated to render the Ghent Altarpiece in 100 billion pixels. Yes, that’s billion with a b. HERE

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Priest (D. Brentwood, UK) claims we can use obsolete English translation of Missal. FAIL.

UPDATE:  HERE Readers of Protect the Pope have informed us that Bishop Thomas McMahon has acted decisively against Fr Butler’s letter advocating that they abandon the revised Roman Missal by writing to the priests of Brentwood diocese to refute his arguments … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: “Did you desire to completely destroy your relationship with God?” A serious error some priests are into.

From a reader… Quaeritur: Recently went to confession at a parish near my new job.  I hadn’t been there ever before. I mentioned the phrase “mortal sin”. The priest said, “I don’t think there was any mortal sin. Mortal sin … Continue reading

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Registration and spammer attacks on the rise

A note to everyone: There has been a sharp uptick of attacks on the registration form and on the combox. I am getting lots of false registrations.  Also, I received a notification of a request from “someone” to be white-listed, … Continue reading

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