WDTPRS 3 Feb: St. Blaise – life is dangerous business

Exaudi, Domine, populum tuum,
cum beati Blasii martyris patrocinio supplicantem,
ut et temporalis vitae nos tribuas pace gaudere,
et aeternae reperire subsidium.

O Lord, graciously hear Your people
begging by means of the patronage of blessed martyr Blaise,
that you grant us to delight in the peace of temporal life
and obtain the protection of eternal life.

The word subsidium means “support, assistance, aid, help, protection” and often in liturgical Latin “help”.  Either way, subsidium sets up a stark contrast between the life we have now and the life to come.

Even the phrase about enjoying the peace of this life, indicates subtly how precarious everything is in this earthly existence which Catholics are accustomed to call a “vale of tears”.

I take away from this prayer the serious message that life is dangerous and that we depend absolutely on God’s help to get out of life alive.

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6 Responses to WDTPRS 3 Feb: St. Blaise – life is dangerous business

  1. Supertradmum says:

    Life is very dangerous and what we do not see in the realm of evil is greater than what we do see. The name of the Church Militant indicates that we are in battles daily and that we must never rest, take “time out”, as it were.

    I did not have a chance to get my throat blessed, but may this good saint bless me anyway. I hope some parishes are blessing throats today.

  2. Priam1184 says:

    I seem to remember a line from a song whose name I can’t recall that goes like this: “You’re lucky if you get outa life alive.” Thank you Father for the Collect. Very appropriate to our time as it is to all time.

    @Supertradmum It is a great mercy that we don’t see the full spectrum of evil working in the world, don’t you think? I, for one, don’t think I could take it. And I’m sorry you missed out, there are plenty of parishes doing the blessing of the throat where I live, Deo gratias. If Father has a moment maybe he could clue some of us who are ignorant in on why the blessing of the throat is associated with this particular saint?

  3. The Masked Chicken says:


    The song is: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. It was, originally, by Bob Dylan, but has been recorded by Guns ‘N Roses, as well.

    The Chicken

  4. Uxixu says:

    I was going to submit a question about a post on Saint Blaise (having seen previous entries, looks like the latest was 2010?). Had the blessing of the throat today at daily Mass.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Life is not only dangerous now but it is exhausting in a million ways.

    Fr. Z., unrelated to that, I’m wondering if you noted the news bit about the family in Gary, Indiana. The exorcism? Pretty stunning report.

  6. rahook says:

    Why is the Mass for St. Blaise in the 1962 Missal listed as the Mass for a marytr pope? St. Blaise was a bishop.