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The Francis Effect™: Results Vary

Along the way when writing about The Francis Effect™ (mostly a rather shallow, “I don’t agree with the Church about a bunch o’ stuff, but I like this new Pope!”, though sometimes a genuine revitalization of Gospel values), I have … Continue reading

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Francis and the Weeping Priests

Today the Holy Father met with the clergy of Rome.  I read the highlights in the Italian VIS and I am working my way through the video of the whole event. BELOW. His Holiness said “preti ‘asettici’ non aiutano la … Continue reading

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KY’s AG cites Francis undying quote as excuse for not upholding the law

It is hard to know which box to check: ? tragically ignorant ? mendaciously obtuse We have seen antinomianism rear its dangerous head in many scenarios now: those who are bound to uphold and enforce the law simply deciding sua … Continue reading

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