LENTCAzT 07: Tuesday 1st Week of Lent

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Today is Tuesday of the 1st Week of Lent.

Lent is fully underway.  Examine your consciences and…


With this audio offering, I continue a series of daily podcasts for Lent.  They are intended to give you a small boost every day, a little encouragement in your own use of this holy season.

I do this, first and foremost, in thanks to my donors.


PS: Once again, my audio plugin is screwed up.  I hope these are working for you.  And my stats function won’t work either, so I have no idea how many people are listening.  Chime in!

LENTCAzT 07: Tuesday 1st Week of Lent
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11 Responses to LENTCAzT 07: Tuesday 1st Week of Lent

  1. Bea says:

    Thank you Father. Heard it loud and clear.
    I hope you’re feeling better, too.
    Prayers for you.

  2. kevinm says:

    Thank you Father…


  3. Montenegro says:

    Thank you Father.

  4. mary says:

    Thank you Fr.

  5. yatzer says:

    Listening to all. Thank you!

  6. lsclerkin says:

    Loud and clear here, too Father. Thank you!

    Father, the music you post with these podcasts and elsewhere. I just love hearing them.
    An idea — would you consider having a music – theme for Lent and Holy Week? There is so much beauty out there in this toilet of a culture. I’d sure look forward to checking in here and seeing “what music did Father post today?” Just an idea. :)

  7. St. Epaphras says:

    Listened on my iCatcher! App. Exactly what I needed to hear today. I’m going to listen again. Thank you.

  8. JNVA says:

    Thank you, Father! I am using Bossuet’s Meditations on Lent this season.

  9. TKS says:

    Splendid. Thank you.

  10. jameeka says:

    Very moving, Father Z

  11. Mariana2 says:

    Chiming in. Great stuff!