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This is big. From the site of the CDF. This is pretty much self-explanatory.  Just read it through. CONTEXT: Remember that the nuns were trying to spin what the US bishops and the CDF were, and are, doing as payback … Continue reading

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LCWR’s award this year is an insult to the US Bishops

The LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) are feeling a little frisky.   I suspect they think that, even though they are being watched by the CDF for their totally weird spiritual notions, they are invulnerable in the age of … Continue reading

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Thanks to benefactors, Mass.

While traveling I haven’t been able to catch up on my “clerical” work, that is, write notes to everyone who has sent a donation using the buttons on the sidebar or the little wavy flag, or who have subscribed for … Continue reading

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Scholarships to study Latin in Rome (16-24 year olds)

This caught my eye.  From my email: Announcement of Competition: Latin, Greek and Humanities at the Academy Vivarium Novum in Rome – Italy Academic year 2014-2015 The Academy Vivarium Novum is offering ten full tuition scholarships for high school students … Continue reading

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Registrations – UPDATE

Friends, I have been on a break. I’ll get to registrations soon. UPDATE 3 May: I have had terrible internet while at this hotel in Venice and I really can’t handle many registrations from my phone. Furthermore, for some reason … Continue reading

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