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16 Oct 1978 – St. John Paul elected Pope

As the Robber Synod is underway, during which it seems that some people want to set aside John Paul II’s Familiaris consortio, we observe that this is the anniversary of the election of Karol Wojtyla.

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VIDEO: Card. Pell speaks on a ‘secular agenda’, the Relatio, the “stalking horse”

His Eminence George Card. Pell about the Relatio and the debate over releasing it. He calls Communion for divorced and remarried a “stalking horse” and homosexuality. He speaks about the first form of the Relatio. This is great stuff. Pause, … Continue reading

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Reports of Circuli Minores now available on Vatican website

The reports of the Circuli Minores are available on the Vatican website.  HERE Card. Burke’s would be in Anglicus A.  Sample: For example, where the Relatio appeared to be suggesting that sex outside of marriage may be permissible, or that cohabitation may … Continue reading

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What’s the liberals’ next move?

Now that the Revolt has taken place by the members of the Synod against the leadership’s manipulations, this is what is going to happen. Watch what the liberal MSM and the catholic liberal media do in their coverage of today’s … Continue reading

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The Robber Synod!

Given today’s events in the hall of the Synod, when the bishops rose up as a body to fight against the obvious manipulation carried on by the leadership of the Synod (Card. Baldisseri).   The Synod was being stolen from … Continue reading

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¡Hagan lío! Synod Bishops revolt against leadership and get their way – UPDATE!

BIG UPDATE BELOW! ____ Apparently the bishops at the Synod are tired of being manipulated. They created a little lío of their own. In full view of the Pope, they rose up pretty much as a body and rebelled against … Continue reading

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