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ASK FATHER: Laziness and accepting a paycheck

From a reader… Father, if one is lazy on the job and neglects some their duties over a period of, say a couple months, is that person required to make restitution to the company? does the amount of time that … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: A revert wonders about validity of previous marriage

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I was Baptized Catholic, but my mother stopped practicing when I was 5. I have been married and divorced in a Protestant ceremony, no priest or deacon was present (a myriad of protestant ministers, of varying … Continue reading

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FSSP Training Workshop for Priests 18-22 May

Fr. Lee of the FSSP has sent me information about their spring training workshops for priests to learn the TLM (Extraordinary Form, Usus Antiquior, etc… call it what you want… JUST LEARN IT). 18-22 May in Denton, NE. $400 Click … Continue reading

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Anthem data security breach and you

The other night I got an email from the vampire-like health insurance company Anthem telling me that (in exchange for the large amount of money I pay them every month) they were hacked and tens of millions of people’s records … Continue reading

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INDIA: Catholic prelates and priests denied entry visas

This is interesting, from Outlook India: Catholic Priests From Vatican Denied Indian Visa This comes in the wake of growing attacks on churches in the national capital. The Indian Government this week denied entry into the country to two Catholic … Continue reading

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