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What’s up with your Sun?

Folks, I hate to break it to you like this, but your Earth’s yellow Sun has a filament. A really big filament. From APOD: This is one of the longest filaments recorded. The description of it involves phrases like: ” … Continue reading

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Beware of posters glued to poles!

I received this from an intrepid reader: Father, I have an interesting ‘quick hit’ possible picture post for the blog: While walking in downtown Toronto I noticed the attached poster splashed all around. The subject matter does not match the … Continue reading

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Death in Belgistan

I point the readership’s attention at a blog which lead me to a piece in the Italian Il Foglio. The situation in Belgium is described.   Belgium has nearly completely abandoned the Catholic Faith. Giulio Meotti: Belgium is Committing Suicide … Continue reading

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The Last Altar Boy

The often amusing Eye of the Tiber has this: The last male altar server in the United States has officially called it quits, the boy’s family is reporting this morning. The 3-year altar server veteran, who remained at his post as cross bearer despite pressure … Continue reading

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Card. Marx: Tradition… clear in their positions… growing populism… terrorism.

Remember a while back when Card. Marx pulled a fast one with the text of Evangelii gaudium? HERE Over at LifeSite News, Hillary White offers another facet of Marx’s interview with Jesuit-run America Magazine. America is leading the charge in … Continue reading

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Wherein Card. Burke clarifies what reasonable people already knew.

My post and comments about what Card. Burke said in a French TV interview received some vigorous responses, some which I declined to post.  His Eminence responded to a hypothetical question … always a little dangerous … about what he might do were … Continue reading

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