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Blood Moon, the End of the World, and You

On 4 April we will see the THIRD BLOOD MOON OF THE TETRAD! In time for the Vigil. The next total lunar eclipse, the 4th Blood moon of the Tetrad, will be 28 September. Four BLOOD MOONS in ONE TETRAD. … Continue reading

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Very Cool Blue Angels Video

I had to share this video with you. This video reminds me of my days as a Navy pilot, before my all too short astronaut career. These days I don’t experience the same level of g-forces during the consecration. And … Continue reading

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Whan That Aprille Day 2015

I would like to remind the readership that “Whan That Aprille Day 2015” is upon us. For more on this distinguished day see Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. Maken Melodye on Whan That Aprille Day 2015 Friendes, Yt doth fill … Continue reading

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