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ASK FATHER: Seminarians required to stand for Communion. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Okay… this is going to be hard. From a seminarian: I am currently a ___ year seminarian attending ___ . antecently, a new ‘policy’ was adopted here: all must receive Holy Communion standing. The Holy See has made it absolutely clear that we all have … Continue reading

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Have a brainy happy birthday Roma! (Father Z’s Kitchen)

As if I needed any reminder, my Roman Curia calendar alerted me to the fact that today is the 2768th Birthday of Rome. My friend the Great Roman Fabrizio™ decided, given the terrible news lately, to celebrate with a tasty … Continue reading

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ANOTHER UPDATE BELOW! Original post 15 April. You will remember that we had a project to obtain armor for an officer of the Swiss Guard. HERE I was sent some photos, so you can see the progress made. So, the … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: St. Michael Prayer after Novus Ordo Masses

From a reader… I am a parishioner at ___. In general, we have been blessed … with clergy who are either traditionally-minded, or at least not hostile to tradition. Several years ago, one of the priests started us praying the … Continue reading

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