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Excommunication of same-sex ‘marriage’ Catholic SCOTUS Justices for Heresy

From Ed Peters, distinguished canonist, on Catholic SCOTUS Justices (Kennedy, Sotomayor) who ruled for Obergefell v. Hodges:
Obergefell and canonical criminal law
Dcn Greg Kandra calls attention to a question floating around out there, namely, [QUAERITUR…]should Catholic justices who voted to impose … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Sunday obligation and career conflicts

From a reader…
I read your recent answer to a man whose work schedule keeps him from attending Mass.
I’d like to go down that road a little further. I’m a commercial pilot. My schedule (which is written in stone) keeps me on the … Continue reading

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UPDATE REVIEW: The ULTIMATE Priest’s Gift – Super Cool Portable Altar

Do you remember when I posted about the coolest gift for a priest ever?  HERE  There is  a carpenter who makes portable altars of wood, rather like a suitcase, with wings that fold out, and an embedded altar stone.
St. Joseph’s … Continue reading

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Minnesota: Extraordinary Form with preaching in Spanish

Brick by brick in Minnesota!
From a priest in my email:
This Friday, July 3, I will be offering Mass at 7pm at St. Mark’s -350 Atwood St, Shakopee -in the «Extraordinary Form» – also known as the Old Latin Mass, some … Continue reading

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Something to amuse

Did you see the new Jurassic Park movie?  I… yawn… did.
This might amuse:

And then there’s this:

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