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“This is my church!”

Watched a classic tonight, On The Waterfront (1954). Have you young’uns never seen it? This is from when movies were movies and you didn’t have constant edits and shots of less than a second. And if the music sounds like … Continue reading

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NASA has released photos of Pluto and its moon, the aptly named Charon. The craft New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto today, 14 July 2015. Here is a false color composite:   New Horizons’ almost 10-year, three-billion-mile journey … Continue reading

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The View From The Fascist Fainting Couch

Over at the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter – organ of record for the promotion of heresy and same-sex impurity for liberal catholics) MS Winters has had still another case of the vapors. From his view athwart the NSR fainting couch, Winters penned a long, mostly … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Want to study Latin with the famous Fr. Reginald Foster? Now you can!

UPDATE 14 July: I will, along with you readers, take partial credit for this:   From what I can tell from my Amazon stats, you have purchased, so far, 276 copies. That’s a good start! UPDATE Published on: Jun 22, 2015 @ … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z expects rejection… again… yet hope springs eternal

As July zooms by, and August swiftly comes, we all recall I’m sure that quote of Emerson, “Do what we can, summer will have its flies.” Thus, my mind turns to the upcoming annual assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, LCWR. … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary ‘Quo primum’!

Today is the anniversary of the Apostolic Constitution Quo primum of St. Pius V, by which – following on the workd of the Council of Trent – the saintly Pope promulgated the Missale Romanum in 1570. Quo primum set the … Continue reading

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There will be some maintenance work done to the servers on two dates of August. 5-Aug-2015: Window 20:00 – 23:59 UTC / 13:00 – 17:00 PDT 13-Aug-2015: Window 20:00 – 23:59 UTC / 13:00 – 17:00 PDT FYI. Also, I … Continue reading

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Your Good News

What is your good news? Do you have some good thing you can share with the readers? It is encouraging to hear about good things happening to people who participate here.

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