St. Maximilian Kolbe, priest and martyr: Pray for dissident ‘c’atholic media!

Maximilian KolbeToday is the Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan priest put to death at Auschwitz.

St. Maximilian Kolbe, has a special relevance for Catholic media.

I would ask all of you to say a prayer to him, asking his intercession with God for the conversion of catholics who use the media to confuse the faithful and to distort the teachings of the Church.  I am especially intent that you pray for the conversion of the National Schismatic (Sodomitic) Reporter.

Pray, people, on your knees, even with a special visit to the Blessed Sacrament, that the whole body of Catholic bishops of these USA will soon formally demand that the Fishwrap to remove the word “Catholic” from its name.  Remember the prayer to St. Joseph for the Conversion of the National catholic Reporter which I posted HERE.

NcR must be converted, please God, or eliminated.

Also, please ask St. Maximilian to intercede, asking God to keep those who are dedicated to making Christ and His Church known and loved in their fullness faithful, charitable and courageous.

Finally, I remind you hams out there that there is a special HAM RADIO event this month in honor of St. Maximiliam, who was a ham.  HERE

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7 Responses to St. Maximilian Kolbe, priest and martyr: Pray for dissident ‘c’atholic media!

  1. juergensen says:

    Speaking of martyrs, reports are that a Catholic priest kidnapped by Muslim ISIS has been killed, chopped up, and parts of his body boxed up and sent to his family. Meanwhile, as Islam marches toward Rome, the Church is preoccupied with adulterers and homosexuals and how we can make them feel welcome and not offended. This is all surreal.

  2. msc says:

    It seems very appropriate that Kolbe’s feast is V.J. Day. What he stood for was a part of western civilization totally opposed to Nazi and imperial Japanese ideology. I always try very hard to attend Mass on his feast. Oddly enough, I don’t remember seeing a photo of him. However, I think there are far more important things to pray to him for than the N.C.R.

  3. Betcha there aren’t many modern hobbies/avocations/interests that can claim a martyr and saint as their patron.

    Besides, he is an example of what real sacrifice means. Combined with his contemporary St Pio…what a combination to be devoted to.

  4. Fatherof7 says:

    I think asking for his intercession for the conversion of catholic media is appropriate. Before the Nazi invasion of Poland, he oversaw a Catholic periodical with over one million subscriptions. He was in the process of creating something similar in Japan, but his poor health and the war ended his efforts.

  5. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “I think there are far more important things to pray to him for than the N.C.R.”

    Purgatory, yes. >:^/

    I am sick and tired of NCFishwrap/schismatic types who deny the authentic miracle of the fishes and loaves (as two members of my family had to recently endure during a recent homily) *and*, at the same time, had to hear the gospels are not historical and there is not any historical data to prove that the events recounted in them were factual. (never mind what DV and the “Historicity of the Gospels” released by the PBC in 1964, says)

    What juergensen said is the most important thing a Catholic should pray about/for. That this holy martyr of God would pray for *us* and the consolation of his *family*.

    Blessed Lord Jesus, through the intercession of His most Immaculate Mother – whose solemnity we celebrate this day on the feast of Her Assumption into Heaven – please have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.


    PS: May the Lord bless Fr. Z whose ministry I have been so edified by for nine years now. Amen.

  6. albizzi says:

    I noticed these harsh words of St MaximilIan about ecumenism
    “Ecumenism is the enemy of the Immaculate”
    What did he mean?

  7. DeGaulle says:

    I just wish to add St. Edith Stein to Bryan’s edifying combination of St. Maximilian and St. Pio.