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When Jesuits quote Jesus… and when they don’t

How the mighty have fallen.
La Civiltà Cattolica is a periodical edited by Jesuits which receives some vetting from the Secretariat of State and, thus, is considered by some to have a measure of “authority”.
However, true authority is based on the … Continue reading

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How about a Masters in RATZINGER STUDIES?

Here is an exciting opportunity for priests and lay people alike.
In Rome there is now a Masters program in RATZINGER STUDIES.  HERE  PDF of the brochure HERE.
The Fondazione Vaticana Joseph Ratzinger Benedetto XVI is sponsoring a Masters Program in Joseph Ratzinger: Studies and … Continue reading

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Card. Sarah on marriage, mercy and the incomprehension of doctrine by priests

I saw at Sandro Magister’s Chiesa that Robert Card. Sarah (cheer here), Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and author of God Or Nothing, [UK HERE] has some strong words for the Church (and churchmen) in the recent L’Homme Nouveau.
Magister … Continue reading

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“It was impossible to say Mass in the barrack, of course.”

Our religious liberties are not to be taken for granted.  I sometimes consider what I might do when they come for priests and bishops who continue faithfully to preach Catholic doctrine fully.
When my mind goes down this dark track, I … Continue reading

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