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Sam Gregg on the rise of young, fearless, dynamically orthodox Catholicism… in FRANCE!

Here is another – stop what you are doing and read this – article.
At Catholic World Report there is a piece by Sam Gregg about what’s going with a rise in France  of … Catholicism.  It is packed with interesting information, … Continue reading

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To my friends and readers in the UK, there will be an event at St. Patrick’s in London (Soho Square) where my friend Fr. Alexander Sherbrooke is the PP.
I receive this from the parish’s director of evangelization
In light of the conversations … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ letter to “the best hermeneutical interpreter of the Second Vatican Council.”

Here is something interesting.  His Holiness Pope Francis has written a letter to Archbp. Agostino Marchetto… again.
Marchetto has helped to break the monopoly of the “hermeneutic of discontinuity” types when it comes to the interpretation of Vatican II. the Bologna … Continue reading

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Notre Dame U. v. Fr. Miscamble, NDCatholic.com

At the blog of my friend The Motley Monk there is a follow up about a priest at Notre Dame University, Fr. Wilson Miscamble, CSC, who attempted to help Catholic students remain Catholic while at Notre Dame.
Fr. Miscamble was involved with a website … Continue reading

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More weird sex stuff at Jesuit-run Fordham University

Why is it that when really weird things occur or bad ideas surface you can almost always find a Jesuit involved?
I received this note from the Cardinal Newman Society this morning.
So Fordham has approved the creation of “gender neutral” bathrooms … Continue reading

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Sunday Clerical Supper

I’ve been getting my cooking on these days it seems. I go through cycles between cooking up storms and, on the other hand, eating slapped together sandwiches or cans of soup directly out of the pan.
In any event, Sunday started … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for this LAST Sunday of the Church’s sacred year of grace?
Let us know.

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