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Card. Rodriguez: Pope Francis v. the homosexual lobby

UPDATE 15 Jan: In the combox, below, someone brought up a piece by John Allen at Crux about this.  HERE I don’t look at Crux much anymore, so I was happy for the heads up.   In his piece Allen … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Can a bishop forbid open carry of guns in states where it is legal?

UPDATE 14 Jan: At A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics there is an interesting reaction to the Diocese of Dallas’ new policy about guns.  A couple of the posts there touch on this topic, as a matter of fact. One … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: House cassocks

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What is a house cassock and what is the general etiquette regarding their use? Clerical decorum has nearly completely broken down. All you have to do is look at a group of concelebrants. There are hardly … Continue reading

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Powerball: 1.5 Billion – POLL

The Powerball lottery is up to $1.5 Billion.  That’s not what you get, but… what you get ain’t nothing. Sooo… how many chances/tickets did you buy? I suspect this might prompt some interesting discussions about statistics. The combox is also … Continue reading

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Five hours later, Father Delp had still not implicated the Pope

A couple years ago in my ADVENTCAzTs I used a lot of material from Advent of the Heart, from talks and sermons of Fr. Afred Delp, SJ, killed by the Nazis.  Delp had participated in plots to kill Hitler. Right … Continue reading

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Weigel on improvising priests. Fr. Z rants.

We had an honorable mention in a piece by George Weigel today, not by name, but pretty much everyone knows what’s what. In First Things, Weigel is rightly worked up about priests who, contrary to law and good sense, impose … Continue reading

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Please use the sharing buttons! Thanks! Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read? Continued from THESE. I get many requests by … Continue reading

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Jude Law to play fictional Pope in new TV series

From the best Catholic weekly in the UK (and not just I write for it), The Catholic Herald, comes this. Apparently, a new series is being filmed these days starring Jude Law as an American Pope Jude Law appears in ‘uncomfortable’ … Continue reading

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