LENTCAzT 00: Shrove Tuesday

16_02_08_LENTCAzT2016Today is Shrove Tuesday, a day upon which many would seek to be “shriven” before the beginning of Lent.   In other words GO TO CONFESSION!

It is “Fat Tuesday”.  When the discipline of Lent was more serious in the Latin Church, this was the last day you could eat animal fats, etc.

With this audio offering, I am beginning a series of daily 5 minute podcasts for Lent.  They are intended to give you a small boost every day, a little encouragement in your own use of this holy season.


I am providing these again this year especially in gratitude to benefactors who help me and this blog.

REMINDER: Tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM CST, Ash Wednesday, I will say Mass for the intention of my benefactors.

Please share!

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3 Responses to LENTCAzT 00: Shrove Tuesday

  1. APX says:

    I was looking forward to this last night and was hoping it would be up in time to listen to before work.

    For our Polish friends, it’s also paczki day.

  2. lairdangusmcangus says:

    Father Z-

    Can I just give a shout out (a hallelujah?) for good confessors. Wow, what a difference they can make in a person’s life. As part of a renewal of my devotional life, I have started going to reconciliation more often. The confessors in my home parish are…ok, I guess. Good men, good priests, well intentioned and all that. But I often left their confessional booths feeling as if I had just received a kind of spiritual pep talk, when what I really needed was some loving, direct CATECHESIS and meaningful medicine for my soul.

    On the advice of a friend, I went to a local Dominican church known for their confessors, and the difference has been astonishing! They don’t let me off with a simple listing of sins. Instead, they probe and question until they get to the ROOT sin, which in my case appears to be a combination of pride and acedia. And their penances! At my home church, it was usually a matter of saying a few extra Hail Mary’s, but these guys…they are asking for real discipline of the spirit. Contemplation. Consecration. Reading scripture. Praying litanies. Wow.

    Anyway, the point is this: I want to say, “thank you” for the sanctifying work you do and sacrifices you make on behalf of the Faithful. Good priests make a powerful difference in people’s lives. A sacrament performed well is like a tiny glimpse of Heaven. It is just enough to give us encouragement, to remind us of our purpose, to chase away fear, and to chase away any servants of the Enemy who may be harrying us.

  3. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Father! Although this country was forced to become Lutheran by Gustavus I in the early 16th century, pancakes are still eaten on Fat Tuesday.