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POLL – VIDEO: Should there be a basic quiz before you are given a ballot?

We are in soooo much trouble.
We let these kids vote!

Look what the education system as accomplished.
Yes, that video is from 2014. Does anyone think that the situation has improved in the meantime?
Basic civics… history… gone.
Could they have passed a … Continue reading

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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?
Continued from THESE.
I get many requests by email asking for … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Confession and Confessors

The Holy Father speaks of confession, the Sacrament of Penance, not rarely.
He just gave the Pope’s annual address to a group which participates in a workshop held by the Sacra Penitenzieria Apostolica.  I did that workshop several times.  I urge … Continue reading

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YEMEN: 4 Missionaries of Charity, 12 others handcuffed, shot in head at retirement home

The practitioners of the Religion of Peace have been at it again.
From FNC:
Gunmen execute 16 people, including 4 nuns, in Yemen retirement home
A team of gunmen unleashed a massacre at a retirement home run by Catholic nuns in Yemen Friday, … Continue reading

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