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Lady Day and Good Friday – Of the Angels’ ‘Ave’ and the ‘Consummatum est’.

Today, 25 March 2016, is simultaneously the Feast of the Annunciation and Good Friday.  Liturgically we celebrate the Annunciation later. In ancient times there was a tradition that Christ died on the 8th day before the Kalends of April: 25 March. … Continue reading

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25 March 1991: Archbp. Marcel Lefebvre – R.I.P.

On this day in 1991 Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre died. Lefebvre was a great churchman, an astoundingly effective missionary. I learned of Lefebvre’s death in an interesting way. I was that morning opening up our office (the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei“) because … Continue reading

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Good Friday 3 April AD 33 – Lunar and Solar Eclipses as Christ died on the Cross

The fellow who made the video about the Star of Bethlehem (a compelling argument, I might add), also did some research about what happened in the heavens on Good Friday. Let’s break it down. Passover begins on the 14th day … Continue reading

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Washing Feet – observations

I refer the readership to some lucid and sober comments about the pedilavium, the foot washing, that can occur as an option in both uses of the Roman Rite. Fr John Hunwicke makes some keen and, for liberals sobering, observations. I expunged … Continue reading

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LENTCAzT 45 – Good Friday: The Twelfth Station

It is Good Friday in the Sacred Triduum. Coincidentally, it is the Feast of St. Dismas, the Good Thief. These 5 minute podcasts are intended to give you a daily boost in your discipline during this holy season.

 http://www.wdtprs.com/lentcazt16/45_lentcazt16.mp3 I … Continue reading

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25 March: Feast of St. Dismas – The Good Thief

Today should be Lady Day, the Feast of the Annunciation, the instant of the Incarnation. Because today is Good Friday, Lady Day is transferred. However, 25 March is also the Feast of the Good Thief, St. Dismas! Could there be a … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Pontifical Red Vestments from @Gammarelli for @MadisonTMS

One of my favorite portrait artists is Giovanni Battista Moroni (+1579).  Not one was he Catholic, in a serious sense, he was both in Trent when the Council was being held and was influenced by it. One of Moroni’s more famous … Continue reading

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