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From a reader…
Our Latin Mass Community has no canonical status in the diocese. The FSSP has permission to be here, and we share (not rent as some communities do) the parish with the “Vatican II Congregation” (that’s how the pastor … Continue reading

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Would a Personal Prelature by good for SSPX?

A reader sent me to Le Salon Beige for a piece about how the vicar of Opus Dei (a personal prelature) thinks that a personal prelature structure could work for the SSPX:

Prélature personnelle pour la FSSPX : une bonne solution selon l’Opus … Continue reading

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Your Good News

Do you have some good news to share with the readership?
Let us know.

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Spain Day 1: Jerónimo and Real Deal

I’m in a city and country I’ve never visited.
Madrid, Spain.
We got in late so we only had a couple snacks.
This morning it was off to the Prado, by way of the nearby church San Jerónimo el Real.

A glimpse inside.

I … Continue reading

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Goals for Faithful Catholics in this time of confusion

A theologian friend feeds me stuff which I occasionally share here with some editing and editorializing.
Cardinal Raymond Burke gave a talk in Rome on May 7. I couldn’t attend, but the great organization, Voice of the Family, who ran the … Continue reading

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Rome – Day 5-6: Processions and Purgatories

The last few days have been a busy blur. But here are a few images from the blur.
First, a shot of the interior of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. It is a rare Gothic church, in the hands the hands of … Continue reading

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WDTPRS – Corpus Christi: I affirm my subjugation to Christ vanquisher of hell and my sins.

In the traditional Roman calendar for the 1962 Missale Romanum Thursday (I am posting late) is Corpus Domini, or Corpus Christi.
In the Novus Ordo many people are celebrating Corpus Christi on Sunday (which is really suppose to fall on the Thursday … Continue reading

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Your Corpus Christi sermon, procession notes

What happened where you are for Corpus Christi, or Corpus Domini as it is called in some places, the Feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord?
Was there a procession?
Was there a good point made in the sermon?
Let us … Continue reading

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Brick By Brick in Ohio

From a reader…
Back in December you posted a Brick-by-Brick report about the TLM returning to Athens, OH (HERE) and I just wanted to update you that Fr. Jonas Shell continues to celebrate the TLM weekly on Saturday mornings with a regular attendance of about 20 individuals … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! Survey on Deaconettes! Please help.

In the wake of Pope Francis mentioning a “study” about deaconettes (which I think was already done – but, as they say, “Quis sum ego ut iudicem.”) one of you alert readers alerted me to a survey that the women’s … Continue reading

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