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This entry has a convoluted origin, but here goes…
I saw a story at Stream about a lesbian couple who are suing New Jersey, which is oppressing them.  Get this…
Erin and Marianne Krupa, a lesbian couple struggling to get pregnant due … Continue reading

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Why Fr. Z harasses you to GO TO CONFESSION!

You are going along… doodee doodee dooo… and you glimpse something in the corner of y-
Watch to the end.  It is short.

These people had a close call.  It could have gone otherwise.
Friends, examine your consciences daily and go to confession regularly.
We … Continue reading

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Desecrated church reconcilied in Missouri

There are sacred places, things and persons.  Mistreatment of a sacred place, thing or person is the sin of sacrilege.
By blessings and consecrations, places, things and persons are taken from the secular, temporal, profane realm and given to the sacred.
Sometimes sacred … Continue reading

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Olympics Day 2-3: Maxed

I have my DVR recording multiple channels so that I can pick and choose which things to watch without commercials and skipping the sports that don’t interest me.  The DVR/TV system is so maxed out that I can’t change channels! … Continue reading

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“Gather Us In” made (almost) acceptable!

When life gives you challenges like lemons, make lemonade.  Right?
When liturgists give you dreck like “Gather Us In”, make… toccatas.

Remember: The Second Vatican Council gives pride of place to the pipe organ over all other instruments.
Fr. Z kudos to the … Continue reading

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