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In a story via the ESO and APOD I have read about
That cool sounding name is the newly spotted planet orbiting the very closest star to your planet other than your yellow sun.  Proxima Centauri can’t be seen with … Continue reading

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Screwtape’s letter to Bitterwench

C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters!  Oft’ imitated.  Never really rivaled.
If you haven’t read this book yet…. what on your planet at you waiting for?!?
My favorite method to absorb Lewis’ window is the audiobook reading by John Cleese.  Imagine: John Cleese … Continue reading

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Benedict explains more about why he abdicated

From Crux we find some information from Pope Benedict about why he abdicated.  On 30 August in Italy, an Italian biography of Benedict will be release.  He did an interview head of this biography release.  However, his book/interview will be released
In … Continue reading

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