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A cunning plan? Thousands of fraudulent ballots found! Guess for which party?

Here is an interesting chess game being waged over the future of the nation. From Pamela Geller: “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse UPDATE: Investigation launched How bad and rampant is it? The Cascade mall … Continue reading

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Seven and Seven Sunday

No, not the 7 & 7 you are probably thinking about. Movie remakes. Remakes of movies are a tradition of sorts. Some work. Some don’t. For example, a while back I watched the 1959 Ben Hur with Charlton Heston, in preparation … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Mass of Sunday obligation? Let us know. C’mon… remember it and let us know. For my part, I spoke about angels, both angels horrid and fallen and angels … Continue reading

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