ADVENTCAzT 04: Suffering and Second Chances

Here is ADVENTCAzT 04, for Wednesday in the 1st Week of Advent.

These 5 minute offerings, to help you prepare for the upcoming feast as well as for your own, personal, meeting with the Lord, are a token of gratitude for my benefactors who donate and send items from my wishlist.  Thank you!

Make some Mystic Monk Coffee and have a listen!

Some music used today: US HERE – UK HERE

Chime in if you listened.

PS: These podcasts should also be available through my iTunes feed, though in years past I have had problems with it. Let me know how you are listening.  Through the plug in on this post? Through iTunes? Downloading?

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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9 Responses to ADVENTCAzT 04: Suffering and Second Chances

  1. liebemama says:

    “…all that went before is not held against us.”
    Thank you!

  2. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Father!

  3. beelady says:

    Thank you, Father. I have listened every day so far and plan to continue for the whole of Advent. These are by far the best Advent devotionals I have encountered!

  4. wanda says:

    Thank you, Fr. Z.

  5. Vincent. says:

    Podcast is working great with iTune thus far. Thank you! I have shared these Advent reflections with the small men’s formation group that I am involved with.

  6. Sword40 says:

    So far I haven’t missed any Adventcazts. Thank you, Father Z.

  7. MitisVis says:

    Thanks Father, listening on the page plugin and it’s working great
    As an audio enthusiast I have a sound system on this computer that
    makes it seem we are enjoying a glass of red and some fine cigars intently
    musing on the Greater Truths, but that’s not very advent…
    I just can’t get myself to poke a couple holes in the speakers,
    any advice on how to listen and make it more “purple”?
    Kidding aside, greatly needed and enjoyed.

  8. Buffy says:

    Thanks Fr Z. Listened to all five posts so far. Just using the plug-in on the web page on an iPad or desktop Mac. The inspirational break each evening is just right before I close my eyes for the night. Its a good last thought for the day.

  9. jameeka says:

    Cardinal Sarah writes many profound things about Pope St John Paul II —what a tribute to him that excerpt is! Wonderful Sheen quote too.