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BOOKS Recently Received: Beautiful manuals for devotions

I have recently received some books from TAN.
First, let me mention a couple of “manuals”.
There is the Manual for Marian Devotion (US HERE – UK HERE) and the Manual for Eucharistic Devotion.  (US HERE – UK HERE)
They are available on Kindle and bound in … Continue reading

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The Maltese Fiasco – The Movie?

I haven’t yet heard who will star in this new film noir boxoffice buster.
Meanwhile, my friend Fr. Murray has a comment at The Catholic Thing.
Meltdown in Malta [They should start using The Maltese Fiasco, btw]

The bishops of Malta have regrettably embraced the get-out-of-jail-free … Continue reading

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Poste Vaticane – Commemorative stamping to honor Martin Luther

Yesterday I heard that the Vatican Post was to issue a commemorative stamp honoring Martin Luther.  HERE
To honor someone who so publicly ripped asunder the fabric of Christendom is appalling.  Who’s next?  Judas Iscariot?
This is like:

Augustus Caesar minting coins honoring Marcus Iunius … Continue reading

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