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21 January St. Agnes: “Shining with the fire of divine love”

Let us invoke St. Agnes, virgin and martyr. O glorious Agnes who, though weak, was chosen by God to make His own might manifest in your martyrdom, together with the Holy Apostles intercede now before the throne of our Our … Continue reading

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Fr. Sirico of @ActonInstitute on Pres. Trump’s Prayer Service

My friend Fr. Robert Sirico of ACTON INSTITUTE was one with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto for coverage of the Prayer Service the day after President Trump’s inauguration. Fr. Sirico and ACTON INSTITUTE make lefty catholics such as those at the … Continue reading

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Serious priest taking it to the streets

Note that this priests says Mass for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles in Missouri.  They’re apostolate is to pray for priests and bishops.  I hope they pray for me. They have wonderful discs of music.   Speaking of … Continue reading

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The plural of anecdote is “data”

Disturbing data points have come to me in the last few days. First, I had a telephone conversation with a priest who described how the local bishop had removed the faculties of a number of priests pretty much because he … Continue reading

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The elation of a good confession humbly made

At The Catholic Thing there is a piece by Regis Martin about the Sacrament of Penance. When was the last time you went to confession?  When was the last time you made that good and complete confession of all mortal sins … Continue reading

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