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Monday was a good day, so was Tuesday

Monday was a Good News day. HERE I read that the US House of Representatives passed a bill today. Among other things, this bill also chips away at Obamacare. From CNA: US House votes to permanently ban federal abortion funding … Continue reading

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Recently Received BOOKS

Quickly, here are a few of the books which I have lately received. First, when Anthony Esolen writes something, we should pay attention.  I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but the intro is great. US HERE – UK HERE … Continue reading

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Resignation of head of the Knights of Malta

At the Spanish site InfoVaticana we read: ÚLTIMA HORA: Dimite el Gran Maestre de la Orden de Malta a petición del Papa Según ha podido saber InfoVaticana, el Papa Francisco le habría pedido que presentara la renuncia. Matthew Festing fue … Continue reading

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Canonist Ed Peters: different ways people deal with Canon 915 (denial of Communion)

The distinguished, commonsensical canonist Ed Peters has a blistering bit today at his blog In the Light of the Law. Let’s see what he has to say, with my usual emphases and comments. I’ll cut in to the meat. You should … Continue reading

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Monday was a good day for the unborn and for #HamRadio

A couple of cheerful items crossed my screen on Monday. First, Pres. Trump reinstated the “Mexico City Policy”, which bars international NGOs that perform or promote abortions from receiving US government funds (i.e., taxpayer dollars). My only regret is that … Continue reading

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