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WDTPRS – 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time: “kissing the porch”

For this Ordinary Form calendar Sunday, we have reached the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time.  In the Extraordinary Form this Sunday is the purple-draped, pre-Lent Septuagesima Sunday (Alleluia Buh-bye!). In the Ordinary Form we have a Collect based on a … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Father doesn’t make Sign of the Cross when giving absolution

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Whether an absolution is valid if the priest prays the form of the sacrament correctly, but does not make the sign of the cross. This might just be scruples, but recently, I went to confession to … Continue reading

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The liberal juggernaut … libbernaut? … is well-connected and organized.  They work together. Perhaps you saw the NYT’s piece (aka Hell’s Bible) which managed (through fake news) to make an absurd connection between Card. Burke (whom libs hate with the … Continue reading

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A clear and present danger to Catholic doctrine, practice, identity

There is a clear and present danger to Catholic doctrine, practice, identity which has already risen over the horizon and which looms larger as the weeks pass. The exaltation of “conscience”, no matter what. We are not talking about properly … Continue reading

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