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UK Catholic weekly critiques ‘Inciviltà cattolica’ v. Americans

At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, there are not one but two … two critiques of Jesuit Fr. Antonio “2+2=5” Spadaro’s attack on Americans in Inciviltà cattolica.
They are useful because they are not in an American source.
Antonio Spadaro has discovered a brand … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard of, or heard from, a “Notation Knife”?

Enjoy this fascinating video!  Biretta tip to The Catholic Thing.
This is about a “notation knife”, which could be called a Benediction or Blessing Knife.  At the end, they have worked out parts to match the notation and have a little group sing … Continue reading

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Mickens tries to pull a fast one as he attempts, again, to insult Pope Benedict

At far-left-leaning Commonweal, long-time Rome-based writer Robert Mickens has a new insinuation piece.
Context: To review Mickens a bit, he dislikes Benedict XVI so much that, in social media, he rooted for his death, which got him fired from the ultra-liberal UK … Continue reading

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Robert Royal on the anti-American Spadaro/Figueroa smear

The well-deserved fallout continues for the vicious anti-American attack piece penned at Inciviltà cattolica by Jesuit Fr Antonio “2+2=5” Spadaro, who is also so interested in the life and works of Pier Vittorio Tondelli that he created his own website about him (HERE).
Today I read at The Catholic … Continue reading

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