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ASK FATHER: Lay people using the Rituale Romanum to bless things

People don’t always read carefully before they react.
Let me be clear.  It is okay – it is good – for parents to bless their children by tracing the sign of the Cross on their foreheads.
Stop sending me questions about that. … Continue reading

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Wherein Michael Sean Winters responded to Fr. Z’s gift of the Combat Rosary

The other day I posted about sending a Combat Rosary to Fishwrap‘s Michael Sean Winters, who had had a little nutty about “militaristic” imagery.  I wondered whether or not MSW would acknowledge receipt.
Today, I see that he responded!  HERE
Lastly, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf … Continue reading

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Sign of Peace as ratification of what has gone before or as reconciliation before Communion?

Today my friend Fr. John Hunwicke has a stunner of a post in which he detonates and explodes the present day commonly chaotic infra dignitatem group-grope “Sign of Peace” during Holy Mass.
First, he writes of period during which the Our Father was … Continue reading

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Knights of Columbus change Fourth Degree uniforms

I’m am irritated with the Knights of Columbus for a couple reasons.
The KCs are changing their Fourth Degree uniform.
I am not heavily invested in the KCs’ Fourth Degree uniform, mind you.  But consider the implications.
Here is another reason via the newspaper … Continue reading

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