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Is the Church weak and defenseless? Is it over?

On a related note, see the end.
From the appropriately named Crisis:
Can the Church Recover Its Fighting Spirit?
The Islamic world is waging—and winning—a war on Judeo-Christian civilization.
With 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide, the Catholic Church is potentially one of the most powerful … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP: Traditional Confirmations in Madison

On Tuesday 28 November in Madison, the Extraordinary Ordinary confirmed using the traditional Roman Rite.  There were quite a few confirmands.  We had people from Kansas, Minnesota, Maryland and North Carolina along with folks from area.
We started with a Solemn … Continue reading

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Previous unknown letter of Sr. Lucia to Pope Paul VI: “diabolical revolt”

I just read at CWR a fascinating piece about a newly revealed letter of the last seer of Fatime, Sr. Lucia, to Pope Paul VI predicting dire things for the Church.
It is in interview with the author Kevin Symonds who has … Continue reading

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REMINDER: Registration, passwords, moderation

First, a reminder that a few weeks ago, after a rocky software update for the blog I had to recertify 17K user accounts manually which somehow were put into “pending” mode.   In that process you you were sent an email … Continue reading

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Division in Catholic identity of young people and @MassimoFaggioli shows his true colors

This is sad.  This fellow really needs prayers.
Today at the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, we find a piece about
Study: young Catholics divided between traditionalists and modernists
Some want to ‘draw the Church back’ while others want it to … Continue reading

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“The Continuing Vocation Crisis in the United States”

Recently, I posted

Liturgical worship… priestly vocations… Is what we are doing working or not?
Tradition = vocations – It isn’t rocket science
Ireland: manmade vocation wasteland
Robert Mickens is exactly wrong about priestly vocations. Here’s why.
Disaster in liberal Germany leads to massive parish … Continue reading

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Birettas For Seminarians Project – UPDATE

If you don’t know what this IMPORTANT project is all about, go HERE.
Meanwhile, I have received a thank you note from a seminarian recipient of one of your birettas.

I just thought you would like to know.

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ASK FATHER: Masses outdoors or not in a church

From a reader…
According to Canon 932 s1: The eucharistic celebration is to be carried out in a sacred place unless in a particular case necessity requires otherwise; in such a case the celebration must be done in a decent place.
What … Continue reading

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STIR UP SUNDAY 2017 – Christmas Puddings, Explosions, and You

Yesterday was Stir Up Sunday.  This is the day on which many will prepare their traditional English Christmas Pudding.
The “stir up” comes from the first words of the traditional Collect at Mass of the Last Sunday of the Year.
Excita, [Stir … Continue reading

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