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Controversial Book about Pope Francis: “The Dictator Pope”

UPDATE: I am just about done with this.  It’s quite a read.  Among other things it is a summary of events of the last few years. At the pace of the modern world, one forgets. It is in English, too. … Continue reading

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I’t a banner day when I get a new language! New readers here may not know that The Internet Prayer, which I wrote in Latin a zillion years ago now, has been put into many languages. I have gathered all … Continue reading

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VIDEO @Michael_Voris makes an appeal. ACTION ITEM!

In the last couple of years I’ve written more than once about the Church’s attribute of indefectibility.  In a nutshell, the Church’s members may err or fail, but the Church cannot. Which leads me to advance a video that Michael Voris made. He … Continue reading

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