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ASK FATHER: Are “butt baptisms” valid?

From a priest… QUAERTUR: Are partial immersion baptisms valid? Where the baby is dipped up to the waist 3x, with valid words of baptism spoken. Here’s the deal. The “proximate matter” of baptism is ablution. This means physical contact of the … Continue reading

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TIVERTON, RI – 28 Feb – SOLEMN TLM with @fatherz and @iPadre

For those of you near Tiverton, RI (and anywhere in Rhode Island is near Tiverton by default) tonight there will be a Solemn TLM at 7 PM (with deacon and subdeacon) for the close of the parish mission which I have … Continue reading

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28 February 2013

Five years ago today we watched the helicopter take off.  Posts HERE Say a pray for Benedict XVI.  He gave inestimable gifts to the Church in his too short pontificate.

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Card. Sarah has frightened the libs… again. The vicious attacks begin.

Summoning the nastiness of which liberals are duly known, Rita Ferrone demonstrates how mean-spirited a lib can be in piece penned for Commonsqueal.  She attacked Robert Card. Sarah because he has called for a rethinking of Communion in the hand. … Continue reading

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27 Feb – St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows: Patron of seminarians, hand-gunners, marksmen

Today we celebrate a saint whom we might invoke for help in our discussions of school safety in the wake of those mass murders, and prudence in general when it comes to gun ownership according to law and our inalienable … Continue reading

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PARODY SONG ALERT: A Pirate Looks at … Solemn Masses

I received a note from one of you readers, who was channelling his inner Zuhlio. Frequent reader, occasional poster. I’m stationed up at ___ Air Base waaaaay up in ___, and we’ve been stuck in doors due to a winter storm. While … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made during the sermon you heard for this 2nd Sunday of Lent? Let us know. Right now I have a mission at the legendary Fr. Finelli’s parish.  

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ASK FATHER: USCCB urges Catholics to call officials about DACA. If I don’t, do I sin?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: As you are probably aware, the USCCB has declared this Monday, February 26 to be a call-in day for DACA, and is urging Catholics to call their congressmen in support of the DREAMERs. On some other Catholic sites people … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Priest forbids a deacon to wear a dalmatic

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Can the priest celebrant of Mass tell a deacon tell a deacon to not wear a dalmatic at Mass? Some people think it best that a deacon wear a dalmatic for a higher degree of solemnity but not … Continue reading

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Wisconsin High School student invents classroom door stop

From Gateway Pundit: A Wisconsin high school senior and Army recruit Justin Rivard invented a door stop that prevents killers from entering classrooms. Justin created the “JustinKase” two years ago when he was just 15. The device does not allow … Continue reading

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Card. Sarah: return to Communion directly on the tongue while kneeling

A combination of factors has lead to erosion of understanding of the Eucharist and reverence for the Eucharist.  Included in these factors is a near universal insistence that everyone go to Communion at every Mass and, of course, lay ministers … Continue reading

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JUST TOO COOL: Recently received missal stand and statue of Our Lady

I received a wonderful leggio or book stand from St. Joseph’s Apprentice who is becoming justly famous for his beautiful portable altars… the ultimate gift for a priest. In Rome we often used book stands that could swivel.  Thus, if you were at … Continue reading

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Wherein Rutler thrashes @AntonioSpadaro

At Crisis, Fr. George Rutler has posted a potent counterpoint to Jesuit jibber-jabber (I know… that could be taken for a tautology).  He goes after Antonio Spadaro, SJ, who has issued all manner of nonsense with Olympian authority. Spadaro is … Continue reading

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BRAZIL: Did these bishops allow women to concelebrate Mass?

A reader alerted me to this from about bishops in Brazil who allow two women to concelebrate Mass with them.  It is in Portuguese.  Not my translation: Two women “concelebrated” the Mass with bishops of the CNBB. Is this … Continue reading

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Promoted by @JamesMartinSJ – Jesuits have yoga in church sanctuary at a school

Take a really good look at this, at a Jesuit site on Facebook. This is yoga in the sanctuary of St. Francis Xavier Church in Manhattan, which also has a well-known High School.   In view is a door that … Continue reading

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