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Holy Saturday 2018 – Paschal Blue Moon on Vigil of Easter and more Moon stuff

Bumped up to the top for today… photos below A “Blue Moon” is a second full moon during a calendar month.  They are infrequent. This year – 2018 – there are two occurrences. The first was on 31 January, and … Continue reading

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Radio host @VickiMcKenna tackles present issues roiling the Church

More on the Jesuit-engineered debacle at Holy Cross College.  I posted about their prof who is trying to “queer” Jesus and about their cowardly, ankle-grabbing cringe to the world when they dropped their team’s name and mascot.  HERE I direct … Continue reading

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POLLS: 2018 Holy Thursday Foot Washing – What happened where you are?

A couple years ago what was clearly a severe abuse was given official recognition so that women’s feet could be washed during the entirely optional “Mandatum” in the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Holy Thursday. NB: Before 2016, those who did … Continue reading

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Your Holy Thursday Sermon Notes

Were there any good points made during the sermon you heard if you attended the Holy Thursday Mass? Let us know. For my part, I spoke briefly, as I am under the weather, about the significance of the Lord going … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ alleged remarks about Hell. Fr. Z says, “Let not your heart be troubled.”

Today is Holy Thursday, which I had hoped might be a little quiet, giving me some time in silence.  It was not to be. His Holiness Pope Francis inexplicably met once again with Eugenio Scalfari, the 90+ year old atheist … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

Friends, it’s Holy Thursday and I’ve come down with a nasty cold. Prayers, please.  This isn’t good timing for problems with speaking, singing and … breathing.

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Jesuits, the College of the Holy Cross, cowardice and blasphemy

UPDATE 29 March: A friend at Holy Cross wrote: Thanks for posting on the Holy Cross blasphemy. A clarification: Elinor Reilly, the courageous student who exposed Liew’s publications in a “Fenwick Review” article (the paper was founded by Fr. Paul … Continue reading

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Peter Hünermann’s errors about marriage and their influence today

One of the figures who emerged from the shadows through the Lettergate scandal, is German liberal (wrong) theologian Peter Hünermann.   Benedict XVI had a strong negative reaction to finding him among the writers of the series that was intended to bolster … Continue reading

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Help wanted. Traditional Gregorian Mass and also Traditional Church Musician

First, I am looking for a priest who could – soon – take a Gregorian Mass set using exclusively the Usus Antiquior.   Please drop me a line.   This is concrete. Second, I wonder if there are any young musicians out there … Continue reading

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“What young Catholics want.  What old Catholics want young Catholics to want.”

A couple of related stories. Consider this against the background of some clever tweets that are going around.  Some wags post side by side images of something traditional and something liberal with the caption, “What young people want… What old … Continue reading

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WDTPRS – Monday in Holy Week: “Are we there yet?”

COLLECT Da, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus, ut, qui ex nostra infirmitate deficimus, intercedente Unigeniti Filii tui passione, respiremus. Today’s prayer was in the 1962 Missale Romanum and its predecessors. It was in the ancient Gregorian Sacramentary in both the Hadrianum and Paduense manuscripts … Continue reading

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#PreSynod #Synod2018 Young People document rigged against requests for traditional worship?

The Chant Cafe has a fascinating note from the “preparatory” young people pre-Synod confab. Is the Vatican listening to young people? by Kathleen Pluth A member of the preparatory commission reflects: On the journey, I checked in with the online … Continue reading

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Your Palm Sunday 2018 Sermon Notes

In some places it might not have been possible to preach for any length because of the extent of the rites. However, I also suppose that in some places Father (or His Excellency, His Grace, His Lordship, His Eminence) did, … Continue reading

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25 March – Feast of the Thief who “stole heaven”: St. Dismas

Today is Lady Day, the Feast of the Annunciation, the instant of the Incarnation… and we would be celebrating it if it were not for the vagaries of the Moon.  Palm Sunday and Holy Week have pushed our observance to another … Continue reading

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Of DC Gun Marches, Young People Synods, and Volcano Sacrifices

On the same day that in Washington DC there is a “march” staged by talking-point saturated young people about – call it what it is – undermining the 2nd Amendment rather than upholding it, a document was released from the … Continue reading

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