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The fantastic Benedictine monks of Norcia, Italy, make fantastic beer!  You can help this great traditional community by investing in their monthly beer club.  HERE I just read a story on the BBC about a group of monks in the UK’s Leicestershire … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement!

Well… one of the shoes dropped.  Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. Pres. Donald Trump gets to nominate a second Justice. We have to dust off his list of SCOTUS candidates. This is amazing. Think about it.  How many huge … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Humidifiers filled with Holy Water

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I saw a meme today to the effect of: Humidifiers fill air with water molecules from a source of water. If that source of water was Holy Water, would it essentially cleanse the room of all … Continue reading

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Germans and the White Thing

The German bishops have been driving the debate about admitting people to Communion who do not believe what the Catholic Church teaches about the Eucharist, priesthood, etc.   The Pope and the CDF have both said things (admittedly not enough) that … Continue reading

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Priest suspended for rapping during Mass. POLLS!

It has been said that rap does for music, what B&D does for romance. That said, there is a story at Daily Nation that a priest was suspended for rapping the during sacred liturgical worship. Father Paul Ogalo of St. … Continue reading

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