St. Maximilian Kolbe, priest, martyr, ham radio operator, intercede for dissident ‘c’atholic media!

Maximilian KolbeToday, 14 August, is the Vigil of the Assumption.  It is also the Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan priest put to death at Auschwitz.

St. Maximilian Kolbe, has a special relevance for Catholic media.

I would ask all of you to say a prayer to him, asking his intercession with God for the conversion of catholics who use the media to confuse the faithful and to distort the teachings of the Church.  I am especially intent that you pray for the conversion of the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap).

Pray, people, on your knees, even with a special visit to the Blessed Sacrament, that the whole body of Catholic bishops of these USA will soon formally demand that the Fishwrap to remove the word “Catholic” from its name.  Remember the prayer to St. Joseph for the Conversion of the National catholic Reporter which I posted HERE.

NcR must be converted, please God, or like the priests of Baal, they must fail.

Also, please ask St. Maximilian to intercede, asking God to keep those who are dedicated to making Christ and His Church known and loved in their fullness faithful, charitable and courageous.

Finally, I remind you hams out there that St. Maximilian, was also a ham.


In 1930, Franciscan Father Maksymilian Maria Kolbe left Poland for Japan, China and India where he organized monasteries. When in Japan, Father Kolbe got acquainted with a network of small broadcasting radio stations. To supplement a large number of religious periodicals that he was publishing in Poland and abroad at that time, he decided to start a radio station as a new medium. In 1930, he applied for a radio broadcasting license in Poland. However, only the Polish Radio Warsaw (1925) and a military radio station held exclusive radio licenses at that time. Radio receivers were allowed to be owned by permission early in 1924.


More HERE.

Maybe today is the day, in honor of St. Maximilian, to get that little Elecraft K3X and get to work with some QRP.

These tools and skills will be needed, if thing keep going the way the are going.  Feel free, hams out there, to make a donation or two.



Long-time reader here, BB, reminded me…

Zednet still exists on the Yaesu System Fusion (Wires-X) “room” 28598, which is cross-linked to Brandmeister (BM) DMR worldwide talkgroup 31429, which essentially gives world-wide multi-mode access to a common ham radio network.

Any fellow hams who have access locally to a Yaesu System Fusion repeater, a repeater on the BM network, or a multi-mode hotspot that’s registered with BM can get on and have a rag chew.

Maybe we need to actively churn the waters to have a real Net on a regular basis.  This is ‘samidzat’ in the aether.

Thanks for remembering St.Kolbe. Important man for our sad times, especially as the normal modes of communication are being co-opted by the forces of evil.


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7 Responses to St. Maximilian Kolbe, priest, martyr, ham radio operator, intercede for dissident ‘c’atholic media!

  1. JonPatrick says:

    The K2 transceiver kit looks intriguing. I’ve built a few Heathkits back in the day so that might be fun.

  2. Mike says:

    The fact of media dissent invites the question of whom they’re dissenting *from*. Given recent events, one is hard pressed not to believe that the reason USCCB remains silent is because they are in agreement with the message that NcR and the rest are peddling. One also wonders where the Popes and the Holy Office have been.

  3. Aman4allseasons says:

    Indeed – an important saint to pray to in these times.

    VE7XRN (chosen with St. Maximilian Kolbe in mind).

  4. deaconjohn1987 says:

    St. Maximilian is one of my favorite Saints. I ask him to pray for me every day. I was inspired and happy to see him operating a ham rig since I’m a Ham too: W2JPG. There is supposed to be a St. Max Net on 3.818 Sundays at 7pm but so far I have not heard them. I wish I could find a Catholic Net. If anyone knows of one please let us know. I usually sign into the Maine Potato Net at 3.958 at 6:30 EST nightly.

  5. LarryW2LJ says:

    I got this from Lloyd K3QNT – Net Control Station for the St. Max Net:

    The Saint Max Net introduces a new frequency and time!

    In addition to 75 and 20 Meters, you can now check in on 40!

    When: Every Saturday at 1200Z ( Just like the other nets, we will always follow Zulu Time)

    Where: 40 Meters on 7238 kcs + or – (We picked this frequency to commemorate the first broadcast of SP3RN in 1938.)

  6. MrsMacD says:

    My husband had his grandfather’s old ham radio and I sent it away when we downsized since he never used it. I regret that whenever you bring up the topic.

    Funny family circus type personal story; I have a son with St. Maximilian as a patron and my daughter asked if she could make a cake. I told her that I would look for sprinkles with little spectacles and crowns of roses and crowns of thorns. Since I didn’t find that, she had to be content with butterflies and flowers which surprisingly upset my son quite a bit and he threatened to put race cars and fire on her birthday cake amid tears and moans of how unfair it was. We’re saving the cake for tomorrow.

  7. jeb0001 says:

    @JonPatrick, the K2 kit is amazing but rather involved. I have one as my main rig and it works great. Make sure you have a good iron, good solder, and wick with flux on hand if you decide to build one. You will need them.

    I think a net would be a great idea. I may try to check into the St. Max net or participate in one made by the users here. SSB QRP is really hard right now though, so I don’t know if I could make it :/