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Wherein Fr. Z channels his inner nerd – POLL

UPDATE 7 Sept I am watching the third day of hearings for SCOTUS nominee Judge Kavanaugh.  Today there are panels, with members pro and con his approval by the Senate.  I thought that the previous two days were going to … Continue reading

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A chuckle in the midst of chaos

I’ve been consoling myself with amusing videos while exchanging texts about the Kavanaugh hearing and The Present Crisis with friends both foreign and domestic and in between. This is CoE stuff, but it applies to Roman prelates.

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Will Francis punish Archbp. Viganò for his Testimony?

Archbp. Carlo Maria Viganò is experience what virtually all whistleblowers experience.   He is being smeared and savaged by those on whom he has blown the whistle.  Also, there is the threat of punishment, or being sued or prosecuted.  That often … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! 9 September is International Buy A Priest A Beer Day! #IBAPABD

I’ll take this opportunity, ahead of time, to remind the readership that 9 September is International Buy a Priest a Beer Day! What a great opportunity to show support to your local priests and those brilliant, beloved priests whom you … Continue reading

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Silence=Stonewall – Wherein Fr. Z rants

My friend Fr. Raymond de Souza wrote at National Catholic Register “It’s time to turn down the temperature”. His basic idea is that Archbp. Viganò was wrong to call for Francis to resign and Team Francis were wrong to engage … Continue reading

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6 September: St. Zechariah, Old Testament Prophet

Today is the feast of St. Zachariah, the prophet of the Old Testament. Here is the entry in the Martyrologium Romanum with a translation. 1. Commemoratio sancti Zachariae, prophetae, qui populum de exsilio in terra promissionis reversurum prophetavit eique regis … Continue reading

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Ed Feser: Why Archbishop Viganò is almost certainly telling the truth… #V

Very smart philosopher Edward Feser has posted his assessment of The Viganò Testimony.  I won’t go into detail.  You can visit over there.  However, let’s see where he goes: There are five considerations that seem to me to make it … Continue reading

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Thompson on Team Francis

At the Spectator Damian Thompson has a blistering piece today about “Team Francis” as he and others have come to call the coterie of henchmen and dogsbodies who possess Casa Santa Marta. Thompson has come to the conclusion that “the pontificate of … Continue reading

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