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Card. Müller: “the real danger to today’s humanity is the greenhouse gases of sin and the global warming of unbelief”

Was was alerted to an item in German.  It seems that Gerhard Ludwig Card. Müller gave quite the sermon last Saturday in Rome for the ordination of Michael Sulzenbacher, SJM. The whole text in German is on kath.net Here are … Continue reading

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Thoughts on fatherhood and how priestly identity is undercut by short terms as pastors

At Crisis there is a thoughtful piece about fatherhood and how priests are assigned to parishes. Permanent Assignments for Parish Priests Long Overdue The first part of the article is a something that every young man looking forward to marriage … Continue reading

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More Jesuit idiocy – BUT WAIT! There’s more!

This is something that was perpetrated in a JESUIT church in NYC, the once and still mostly beautiful St. Francis Xavier, which is part of a large and once important High School. Watch and bite your lip till bloody. This … Continue reading

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Henry Sire: “Archbishop Viganò is now living in fear of his life, quite literally.”

From the Twitter feed of the author of The Dictator Pope. 1) IMPORTANT NEWS: my sources confirm that Archbishop Viganò is now living in fear of his life, quite literally. As everyone knows, Archbishop Viganò went into hiding after his … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Can a Dominican Tertiary priest use the Dominican Rite?

From a priest… QUAERITUR: On Sunday, even after concelebrating a conventual Mass with the Dominican Friars, I was drawn to assist at an E.F. Mass at a local FSSP parish, and I’m glad I did. Which brings me to my question: Does … Continue reading

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Lay Rage in Chicago, Mary Eberstadt takes names, and Fr. Z rants

I find myself once again in The City of Big Shoulders, Chicago.  The last couple of days have been fascinating, as I have met an interesting priest with an interesting story and had the chance to hear about what some … Continue reading

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