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A Visual Image of Years of Priesthood – or – Good Clericalism

I really enjoyed this email, which is a kind of visual testimony about priesthood. Please allow me to share with you a photo I think you will enjoy. Last week, while in Rome, I took the opportunity to buy a … Continue reading

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Fun video from Rome!

From the loons of the Fishwrap comes this amusing moment.  Some loons went to Rome to “protest” about the ordination of women.   They were, it seems, harassing Synod members. The police got interested. Note the caption: Roman pilice clash with … Continue reading

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Taking on “Grievance Studies”. Hilarious and frightening.

Although I am irritated with Rod Dreher, he published something in equal measures hilarious and alarming. It just goes to show how fast our society is devolving into imbecilic madness. A taste: You have GOT to read this, from Quillette!  It … Continue reading

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Scottish young people’s Letter to a Synod bishop

The UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, has the text of a letter signed by 107 “young people” (18-35) in Scotland, to Archbp. Cushley of St Andrews and Edinburgh in Scotland. Some of their statements are, I think, not what the … Continue reading

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