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ASK FATHER: Some say Advent is not a penitential season.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I’m reaching out because I’m doing a bunch of research on Advent. I have been reading a number of things on Advent and about living liturgically in general and I’m trying to get a few things straight that I’m … Continue reading

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FEEDBACK: “I went to confession for the first time in nine years tonight.”

I suspect that most of you readers know that I often shout at you: GO TO CONFESSION! I did so yesterday, several times. This morning I received this. From a reader: I wanted to thank you for always pushing confession. … Continue reading

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Blog milestone: 90 Million

An alert reader sent a note saying that the “StatCounter” button on the sidebar shows that we reached another milestone.  This must have happened sometime during the night. The blog is older than that and I don’t put huge stock … Continue reading

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