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ASK FATHER: Training classes on Sundays

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I need to take various training courses (ie: first aid, CPR and AED training, as well as Suicide Intervention training, etc) to meet the qualifications for more gainful employment. It used to be they would hire you and pay … Continue reading

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A sample of notes from readers about Bp. Morlino

The death of Bp. Morlino of Madison has had the effect of demonstrating that he truly deserved the nickname The Extraordinary Ordinary. I have received a flood of emails and text messages from all over the world expressing sorrow at … Continue reading

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Large Asteroid in 2023, etc.

As we await word of the successor to the Extraordinary Ordinary, we have some related news. From Inquisitr: Large Asteroid Packing 50 Megatons Of Force Might Come Crashing Down On Earth In 2023 — And That’s Not All While the … Continue reading

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“No man can by force of will say that three times three is not nine.”

Fr George Rutler, pastor of St. Michael’s in Manhattan first-rate thinker, issues a weekly, Sunday essay as a “Pastor’s Page”.  This week’s column for the Novus Ordo Feast of Christ the King opens and closes with a deep incision and … Continue reading

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WDTPRS – 24th and Last Sunday after Pentecost: Beg His help. Beg His mercy. Praise Him for His gifts.

This is the Last Sunday of the liturgical year. The last part of the liturgical year thematically dovetails with the first part of the new liturgical year.  Advent was once longer, so the overlap of reflection on the End Times across … Continue reading

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STIR UP SUNDAY 2018 – Christmas Puddings, Explosions, and You

The last Sunday before the new year is Stir Up Sunday. This is the day on which many will prepare their traditional English Christmas Pudding. The “stir up” comes from the first words of the traditional Collect at Mass of … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison

From the Diocese of Madison It is my sad duty to inform you of the death of Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison.  Bishop Morlino died tonight, Saturday, November 24th, at approximately 9:15 pm at St. Mary Hospital in Madison … Continue reading

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Please use the sharing buttons! Thanks! Registered here or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read? Continued from THESE. I get many requests … Continue reading

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Sweden has started “chipping” its residents

From Fabiosa: Have you ever thought that the science fiction film gadgets would be accessible in real life? And we aren’t talking about computers and mobile phones. Where some people are pleased and delighted about the advent of new technologies, … Continue reading

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Black Friday Online Shopping

Folks, please do me a favor. If you are shopping online today (lot’s of discounts), please use my Amazon search box on the right side bar. Even if you spot something at another site, just highlight/copy what you want elsewhere … Continue reading

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More garbage from Germany: Communion for Protestants

That caput malorum omnium, Germany, has produced another nasty that will take years of effort to clean up, if it can ever be cleaned up. LifeSite has it.  A German bishop, Felix Genn of Münster, published a guide about the pastoral care … Continue reading

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“You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

Canonist Ed Peters has a good reminder about excommunication at his fine blog.  HERE Bottom lines: It isn’t as easy to get excommunicated as one might think. Excommunication, it isn’t easy as thinking that someone ought to be excommunicated. “You … Continue reading

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21 Nov: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. With a prayer of my own.

Today is the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Presentation in the Temple. The Collect for the Mass in the traditional form: Deus, qui beátam Maríam semper Vírginem, Spíritus Sancti habitáculum, hodiérna die in templo præsentári voluísti: præsta, qu?sumus; ut, … Continue reading

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VIDEO: A few good men and The Present Crisis

A few…

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Beans v. the East – @MassimoFaggioli cheapshots Orientals

Ubiquitous and relentless self-promoter Massimo “Beans” Faggioli has eructed yet another oh-so clever tweet: Like Orientalism, Catholic Ad Orientalism assumes a certain role of Western civilization in global Christianity — Massimo Faggioli (@MassimoFaggioli) November 18, 2018 Huh? I haven’t paid … Continue reading

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